Welcome to DNex Technology

D Nex Technology Pvt. Ltd. was born out of a vision to become the most admired in-home entertainment, education, and interactive services provider in Nagpur Maharashtra.

Today, we are closer than ever to realising it. Based in Nagpur, we serve a number Satisfied Customers of city and towns in Nagpur. We are one of the Nagpur’s most renowned Triple Play Service providers, bringing state-of the art services to nearly each and every customers who are connected with us.


Our Vision

To be the most admired in-home entertainment, education and interactive services company that creates radical social transformation, and delights and empowers customers.

Our Mission

Deploy cutting edge technology to continuously innovate to serve customer needs in a user-friendly way, Partner with technology, content and distribution firms for speed to market, scalability and leadership, Set new benchmarks for customer care, Set new standards in operational excellence resulting in profitability and attractive stake of returns in after sales Services and grievances, Provide a vibrant and fulfilling work environment for a passionate and empowered team

Fiber-net (Internet over Fiber Optics)

We offer broadband on optic fiber and our Fiber-To-The-Home technology can carry vast amount of information at speeds up to 50 Mbps. We’re currently the most likely ISP In the wired broadband category, and the largest non-telco ISP in the Nagpur.
We’ve always believed in giving our customers the very best from our side, and our vision is for every Nagpurian home to have access to world class internet services.

D-NEX Fiber-net Overview

We at D-NEX Fiber-net understand that the perfect internet connection is not only about high speed. It is the perfect combination of incredible speed and incredible FUP, which together deliver an Incredible Internet experience.

That’s why we offer you the fastest, most consistent and unparalleled Internet experience, through the immensely scalable and future proof technology of fiber optics. It’s not just the speed we provide: our FUP policies are truly fair, we provide Proportionate Speed as per plan/scheme selected, and we don’t count uploads in your FUP limit. We believe all of these benefits are essential to make your online experience a complete one.


Whether you use the internet for your home or your business, your experience is going to be Incredible with D NEX Fibernet. So get ready to do more online and discover the Incredible every day!